About MapApps

MapApps Corporation, located in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, is experienced in working with spatially oriented issues and is focused on providing location-based applications to assist organizations. MapApps specializes in applications for City/Municipal planning, transportation, organization-wide information management, and Homeland Security.

MapApps initially developed add-on applications for Microsoft MapPoint. The MapApps original applications were desktop based and focused toward specific mapping functions. They were well received, but over time the industry has progressed and MapApps has progressed with it. Most of our work today is web-based solutions. We work closely with our clients to create solutions to meet their needs and design to support multiple browsers and multiple platforms (desktop browser, tablets, and mobile).

Product Design

All products developed by MapApps Corporation are developed with ease of use in mind. Our experience in the industry has shown us the challenges that organizations have had to deal with - Hard to learn and hard to maintain solutions common to the GIS industry. Our goal is to provide solutions your organization can use effectively immediately and will continue to use over the years.

MapApps Corporation develops using Microsoft .Net technology providing well structured, easy to modify, and easy to maintain code. Our understanding and experience with Database technology, geographic functionality (geocoding, routing, find nearby, …), data filtering, data analysis, and the mapping industry is applied during our development.

Application Areas

Whether you are attempting to analyze data on a nationwide basis or are more focused on a localized region, the variety of applications offered by MapApps Corporation can be of value to you. They can be applied toward numerous applications areas like; City/Municipal Planning, Mobile Data/Collection and recording, Transportation Management, Enterprise/Organization Information Management, Homeland Security, and more.

Both Public Sector and Commercial organizations will appreciate the features of MapApps’ solutions, as well as our strong emphasis to support various roles and functions within an organization. Whether the application is designed to support a department manager, a technical analyst, a field or mobile user, individuals within an organization (Intranet), or the Public (Internet), MapApps can assist with your needs.

To learn more about MapApps, our products, and applications, contact us via telephone (toll free 1-866-627-2777), email, or mail.

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